Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sun Of God - Jesus Christ

This video shows the similarities between the mythical Jesus Christ and the motion of the Sun through the heavens.

Jesus is no more real then Horus, Mithra, Krishna, Buddha, and all the many other sons of god that came before him. In fact the story of Jesus is a copy cat story, an allegory of astrology

It is sometimes forgotten that the early Christians associated Jesus with the Sun. Among the church fathers, Cyprian speaks of Christ as Sol Verus, the "true sun," and Ambrose names him Sol Novus Noster, "our new sun". An interesting fact revealed in the old Roman calendars is that on the 25th of December each year they commemorated the new birth of Sol Invictus, the "unconquered sun." These early Christians used many hymns addressed to the Christ-Sun or to the Christos-Spirit, or to the Logos or Word. These terms were taken from the ancient Greek Mysteries; and the composition of these hymns, and the words could easily be construed as hymns to the sun. Which indeed was exactly what they were.

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