Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dinner With Barack Obama

Our campaign held an online program asking people of all different backgrounds to tell the campaign a little bit about themselves. The participants were selected from a group of thousands who submitted their personal stories along with a donation as small as $5 through the internet. The goal was to pull together a group of people who might not otherwise sit down and have dinner together.

On July 10th, four ordinary people from all over the country were flown to Washington, DC for an evening of good food and good conversation.

Barack said, "This dinner is about hearing from the everyday experts on how we can work together to change the problems facing this country today."

One of our MySpace friends, Christina Cheatham attended Dinner with Barack.

Dinner with Barack Guest Christina Cheatham

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Christina, one of the dinner guests, is a rising senior at Georgia College and State University. She is supporting Obama because he represents the kind of change she thinks this country needs for the next generation. She is interested in issues related to health care and seniors and is hoping to go to law school after graduation. Christina is a member of the Honors Program and she is involved with the Philosophy Club, Fencing Club, Psychology Club and is a former member of the Georgia DeMolay Youth Fraternity.

Dinner with Barack

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To watch more videos from part of the dinner and meet the dinner guests visit:

Christina wrapped up her experience on her MySpace blog:

"The most important thing that I took away from my interaction with Senator Obama was that not only was he a good politician, but a good person as well…"

"While children still say, 'I want to be President someday,' I don't ever hear 'I want to be LIKE our president someday.' Barack Obama is a man that children could want to emulate again; He is charismatic, yet humble.' He is driven, yet family-oriented. He is assertive, yet diplomatic. He is optimistic, yet still grounded in reason and reality. Most important to me, while he is very confident in his own ideas for America, he is still willing to listen—really listen—to dissenting views. I believe that a president needs to be flexible (or at least more flexible than the current administration), and Senator Obama seems to be able to balance both the need for firmness and compromise."

"Right now, America needs a real American role model, and we need a real American President. Senator Obama has proven to me that he would be the best candidate to fit both large roles."

Scott @ Obama HQ

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