Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010 - From Sydney Australia's Celebration

Sydney Australia celebrates the new year 2010.

COMING SOON: Disclosure Of Extraterrestrial Presence On Earth

Prepare yourself for the disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence on earth.

"The World has changed and we must change with it."
- U.S. President Barack Obama

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bergensbanen - Scenic Train Ride Between Bergen And Oslo Norway

Raw HD video of a scenic train ride between Bergen on the Norwegian west coast, crossing the mountains to the capital of Oslo.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Star Of Bethlehem - Astronomical Mystery Solved

IT'S AN ASTRONOMICAL MYSTERY. A strange star is claimed to have appeared at the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. This site is an investigation of the story found in the Biblical Gospel of Matthew, a story often called the 'Star of Bethlehem.' It brings the words of Roman and Jewish historians alongside the visions of ancient prophets. It mixes "modern" mathematicians with murderous turmoil in the Roman imperial court. It combines all these with astronomical facts which no one disputes. And it concludes that the star was a real event. Come solve this age-old mystery for yourself...

Christmas Day Parade - la Antigua, Guatemala - Raw Video


One of many random Christmas Day parades on the streets of la Antigua, Guatemala. This one was all children dancing, behind a truck playing loud dance music. Cartoon character homemade costumes I spotted included Marvin the Martian, Shrek, and every Looney Tunes and Disney persona imaginable.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Nativity - 2006 - complete film

The movie begins with the portrayal of the Massacre of the Innocents. The remainder of the movie portrays the annunciation (conception) and nativity (birth) of Jesus Christ to explain why King Herod (Ciarán Hinds) ordered the brutality.

Teenage Mary (Keisha Castle-Hughes), betrothed to marry Joseph of Judea (Oscar Isaac), is spoken to by God and told that she is to deliver His child and call him Jesus. Mary then goes to stay with her cousin Elizabeth for the harvest, when she witnesses the birth of John the Baptist to Elizabeth (Shohreh Aghdashloo), who is past child bearing age, and her husband Zachariah (Stanley Townsend). Mary returns from the visit pregnant, to the shock of Joseph and her parents. Mary is accused of fornication, for which, if she is found guilty, she could be stoned to death in a public execution. At first Joseph does not believe Mary's explanation that she was visited by an angel, and that she has broken no vow of chastity. He resolves to quietly divorce her, but before he acts on this plan, he is visited by the very same angel. Joseph then believes Mary, and promises to marry her.

Meanwhile, King Herod has demanded that every man and his family must return to his place of birth for the census. For Joseph, as a direct descendant of King David, this involves a 110 kilometer trip across rocky terrain from Nazareth to Bethlehem, the place of his birth. Such a trip (with Mary on a donkey also carrying supplies, and given the terrain) would likely have taken several weeks. When they reach Bethlehem, Mary goes into labor. Joseph frantically seeks a place for the two to stay, but there is no room in any inn or home (thanks in part to the census). At the last minute, an innkeeper offers his stable for shelter.

The Pagan Origins Of Christmas

The true origin of the Christmas holiday come from pagan rites of winter solstice and other environmental factors of early humans. Based on Celtic Yule time and Roman Saturnalia festivals.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Truth About Christmas - The Boondocks

In this clip from "The Boondocks," Huey Freeman explains the true history of the Christmas holiday to his granddad.

The History Of Christmas - Parts 1-5

Christmas unWrapped - This History Channel documentary explores the origin of Christmas and how it came to be the way we know it today. The documentary also incites the thought as to how Christmas is on one hand a result of social, cultural, and political influences, and on the other hand a influence over people's lives.

We Three Kings - Blondie (2009)

We three kings of Orient are
Bearing gifts we traverse afar
Field and fountain, moor and mountain
Following yonder star

O Star of wonder, star of night
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to thy Perfect Light

Born a King on Bethlehem's plain
Gold I bring to crown Him again
King forever, ceasing never
Over us all to rein

O Star of wonder, star of night
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to Thy perfect light

Frankincense to offer have I
Incense owns a Deity nigh
Pray'r and praising, all men raising
Worship Him, God most high

O Star of wonder, star of night
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to Thy perfect light

Myrrh is mine, its bitter perfume
Breathes of life of gathering gloom
Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying
Sealed in the stone-cold tomb

O Star of wonder, star of night
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to Thy perfect light

Glorious now behold Him arise
King and God and Sacrifice
Alleluia, Alleluia
Earth to heav'n replies

O Star of wonder, star of night
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to Thy perfect light

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Xmas (War Is Over) - John Lennon

"Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" is a Christmas song by John Lennon, Yoko Ono and the Plastic Ono Band. It was recorded at Record Plant Studios in New York City in late October 1971, with the help of producer Phil Spector. It features soaring, heavily echoed vocals, and a sing-along chorus. The children singing in the background were from the Harlem Community Choir and are credited on the song's single. The song is intended as a protest against the Vietnam War, it has become a Christmas standard and has appeared on several Christmas albums.

The lyric is based on a campaign in late 1969 by John Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, who rented billboards and posters in eleven cities around the world that read: "WAR IS OVER! (If You Want It) Happy Christmas from John and Yoko". The cities included New York, Tokyo, Rome, Athens, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Toronto Helsinki, and some others. At the time the US was deeply entrenched in the unpopular Vietnam War. The line "War is over, if you want it, war is over, now!", as sung by the background vocals, was taken directly from the billboards.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley

From Elvis Presley's 1968 Comeback Special. Sponsored by The Singer Sewing Machine Company, it aired on December 3, 1968 on the NBC television network.

Monday, December 21, 2009

White Christmas - Bing Crosby

From the 1942 film "Holiday Inn," starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, with music by Irving Berlin.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Isn't There Anyone Wo Knows What Christmas Is All About?

from "A Charlie Brown Christmas." (Charles Schultz -Peanuts)
Linus tells the audience "what Christmas is all about".

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Alchemy As A Key To Social Regeneration

The Pathway To Universal Transmutation - Manly Palmer Hall was a Canadian-born author and mystic. He is perhaps most famous for his work The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy, published in 1928 when he was 27 years old.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Kirk And Spock Want To Dance With The Common People

A mashup of the old animated Star Trek series and William Shatner's cover of Pulp's "Common People."

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tour Of International Space Station Lead By NASA Astronaut

Expedition 20 Flight Engineer Michael Barratt provides a 20-minute tour of the International Space Station, documenting the full 167 feet of the space station's pressurized modules. Barratts commentary describes to Mission Control in Houston how equipment and supplies are arranged and stored, and provides engineers with a detailed assessment of each module-to-module hatchway.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009 In Pop Culture - Auto-tuned

Auto-tuning the best celebrity moments for 2009.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Legend Of Atlantis (Parts 1 - 25)

Thousands of years ago the gods came down to Earth from the stars to initiate a genesis. Human civilization was formed and reached a peak with Atlantis. A dark age began and the battle of Atlantean gods led to its fall. A secret brotherhood brought Atlantean secret teachings before the fall to Egypt. Through all civilizations and with inspiration from extraterrestrian guards the secret Atlantean brotherhood managed all political systems with an educational mission. The thrilling documentation shows for the first time the secret activities of a brotherhood in relations with invisible masters from Shambhala and Agharta. Following the catastrophe in Atlantis all nations were dispersed. A part of the Atlantean brotherhood's secret knowledge survived in Egypt, in India and in Tibet. The heirs of these secret brotherhoods led mankind during the dark age... through Atlantean knowledge and through all ages.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Don't Hit Me With Them Negative Waves

Donald Sutherland as Oddball in "Kelly's Heroes"
"Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?"

Friday, December 11, 2009

Secret Mystries Of The Founding Of America

Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings unfolds the fascinating history behind the founding of America, and exposes the esoteric underbelly of its design. Why is Washington D.C. build on the 77th Meridian? Are the Revolutionary War cities really built in perfect alignment with Stonehenge? If America was founded as a Christian nation, why are many of its symbols based on Pagan traditions? There is no doubt that much of America's national heritage was Christian, but just as a coin has two sides, our national heritage has a second side - one based squarely on occult secret societies and their values.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mysterious Blue Light Beam and Spiral Cloud Appears Over Norway


The mystery began when a blue light seemed to soar up from behind a mountain in the north of the country. It stopped mid-air, then began to move in circles. Within seconds a giant spiral had covered the entire sky. Then a green-blue beam of light shot out from its centre - lasting for ten to 12 minutes before disappearing completely. Onlookers describing it as 'like a big fireball that went around, with a great light around it' and 'a shooting star that spun around and around'. Witnesses from Trøndelag to Finnmark compared the amazing sight to anything from a Russian rocket to a meteor or a shock wave .


interesting to note that this appeared the day before President Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize In Oslo.

Magic Highway USA - Disney Animation (1958)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Secret NASA Transmissions - Presented By Paranormal TV

Two new Earth orbit space phenomenon discovered by Canadian television engineer through intercepted NASA transmissions. Video proof presented and analyzed of a spherical phenomenon and a he has also captured video evidence of a new light related phenomenon known as fireflies which have been seen and cryptically reported by astronauts since the beginning of the space program.

Reality Is An Illusion Of Perception

"No Show Ponies" Play Jovita's In South Austin Texas - Live Music

The No Show Ponies play Jovita's live in South Austin Texas. Friday, December 4, 2009. 8 song playlist... Learn more about the band at

Timewave Zero - Terrance McKenna

Time is compressing along a Fibonacci ratio. Described by the late Terrance McKenna

Monday, December 7, 2009

Shady Diamonds Optical Illusion

Shinyribs Plays Threadgill's World Headquarters - Austin Texas Live Music

Shinyribs and his band play Threadgill's World Headquarters in Austin Texas. November 28, 2009.
Live Music.

TV Reporter Has Hilarious Reaction During Reptile Segment

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tiny Tim's Psychedelic TV Performance

Tiny Tim performs his version of the "The Other Side". (1968)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hot Facts About The Planet Mars

Hot Facts Girl, Rachel, explains some trivial truths about the planet Mars.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hot Facts About The Earth's Moon

Hot Facts Girl, Rachel, talks about The Moon, Moon Facts, Moon Trivia, Moon Science Facts, Moon Info, About the Moon, New Moon Facts, Wiki Moon, Lunar Mission

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Before You Text ... Give It A Ponder.

Funny commercial with James Lipton and a beard.

Alien Signs - Crop Circle Documentary

This documentary examines Crop Circle evidence and paranormal phenomenon surrounding them.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Alternative 3 - An Exploration Of Government Black Operations

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Huge underground tunnels and cities, extraterrestrial bases on the moon and Mars? Anti-gravity flying disks and huge cigar shaped craft used to shuttle between the earth, moon and Mars? This 4:40 hour video documentary offers an amazing amount of proof and concludes that Alternative Three is not a hoax, but a real program. The documentary also explores the claims of Bob Lazar and John Lear, who both claim we have secret bases on the moon and Mars and have had them for years. Also deeply explores Alternative One, chem-trails, the coming Ice Age and much more.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Space Shuttle Atlantis Video Highlights From STS-129 Mission To ISS

STS-129 Mission Highlights

STS-129 Shuttle Landing

Cute Little Kitten Has Funny Surprise Reaction To Playtime

A Shift Of The Ages - 2012 - Apocalypse or Solar Rebirth

Mayan, Grand Elder “Wandering Wolf” talks about 2012 not being the end of the waorld but rather a new beginning.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Anémic Cinéma - Rrose Sélavy neé Marcel Duchamp (1926)


Anemic Cinema or Anémic Cinéma (1926) is a Dadaist, surrealist, or experimental film made by Marcel Duchamp. The film depicts whirling animated drawings -- which Duchamp called Rotoreliefs -- alternated with puns in French. Duchamp signed the film with his alter ego name of Rrose Sélavy.

Rotoreliefs were a phase of Duchamp's spinning works. To make the optical "play toys" he painted designs on flat cardboard circles and spun them on a phonograph turntable that when spinning the flat disks appeared 3-dimensional. He had a printer run off 500 sets of six of the designs and set up a booth at a 1935 Paris inventors' show to sell them. The venture was a financial disaster, but some optical scientists thought they might be of use in restoring 3-dimensional sight to people with one eye.

some of the rotot relief sayings in French are:
"Avez-vous déjà mis la moëlle de l'épée dans le poêle de l'aimée?"
"L'aspirant habite Javel et moi j'avais l'habite en spirale."
"Bains de gros thé pour grains de beauté sans trop de bengué." (BenGay was invented in France by Dr. Jules Bengué)
"L'enfant qui tète est un souffleur de chair chaude et n'aime pas le chou-fleur de serre-chaude."
"Si je te donne un sou me donneras-tu une paire de ciseaux?"
"On demande des moustiques domestiques (demi-stock) pour la cure d'azote sur la côte d'azur."
"Parmi nos articles de quinquillerie par essence, nous recommandans le robinet qui s'arrête de couloir quand on ne l'ecoute pas."
"Esquivons les ecchymoses des Esquimaux aux mots exquis."
"Inceste ou passion a coups trop de famille, à coups trop tirés."

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Journeys With The Out Of Boby Experience (OBE)

interview with Robert Monroe circa 1979

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shinyribs Band Plays Live In South Austin Texas - 2009

Shinyribs Russell and his band play at Sam's Town Point just outside the south city line where living is easy.

The Atlantis Connection - Chris Pinto (Parts 1-8)

Chris Pinto talks about the connections between ancient Atlantis and the United States of America. Chris shows the other side of history and the hidden agenda that has shaped the United States of America since her birth as a nation.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Real Danger Of Cigarettes Is The Sugar Content

Did you know that 15-20% of cigarette tobacco is added sugar, mainly in the form of molasses?

"the presence of sugar in cigarettes is the main source of lung cancer."

The Awakening (Parts 1-7)

The Awakening Of The Masses - Divine Connections, Conversations With The Matrix, and Conscious Evolution. A presentation by Max Igan

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hot Facts And Trivia About Thankgiving In America

Thanksgiving Facts, Trivia & History. Hot Teacher Rachel gives you some information about Thanksgiving. When did it start? What did the first Thanksgiving meal consist of? Where did the turkey dinner come from? Whats the history of Thanksgiving? How did it become an official American Holiday? Do other cultures celebrate Thanksgiving? Why do we thanks giving?

Recreating Solar Fusion With Lasers

The National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will shoot tremendous bursts of energy at an area the size of a pencil eraser. The goal? To recreate fusion -- which powers the sun and some nuclear bombs -- perhaps harnessing a new source of clean energy for the 21st century.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Muppets Take On "Bohemian Rhapsody"

"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen
Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality
Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see
I'm just a poor boy (Poor boy)
I need no sympathy
Because I'm easy come, easy go
Little high, little low
Any way the wind blows
Doesn't really matter to me, to me

Rare Footage Of Enlightened Tibetan Monks

Very rare color film of Tibetan tantra masters that have achieved enlightenment. From secret techniques, to Milarepa's real dorje, to Tibetan monks in retreat, amazing! Some of the featured monks have reached liberation, the last one to be shown is the 16th Karmapa.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Earth's Forbidden Secrets - "what you have been taught is completely wrong"

Radio Program Replay 11/08 - outlining Max Igan's theories of Earth's forgotten past and forbidden secrets of esoteric occult orders. Understanding history is a good way of understanding ourselves and understanding our future. "The history you have been taught is completely wrong." - Max Igan

What If The Earth Had Rings Like Saturn?

How would the Earth look like if it had a ring system like Saturn? This animated simulation shows how the ring view would look from various points on the planet's surface.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Buzkashi: Pakistani Polo With Goat Carcass

check out the Pakistani sport of Buzkashi (goat grabbing), a violent form of polo with a dead goat instead of a ball.

Space Shuttle Atlantis Performs Backflip Mid-Flight For Tile Examination

Shuttle Atlantis is maneuvered through a backflip rotation to expose the heat shield to eyes on the International Space Station. The photos were transmitted to Mission Control for evaluation by imagery experts and mission managers to determine whether the heat shield sustained any damaged during launch.

Maya 2012 - Complete Documentary Film

Ancient Mayan were avid stargazers who created a cyclical calendar system pointing towards December 21, 2012.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

JFK - Full Length Moon Speech - Houston Texas, 1962

"We choose to go to the Moon"

The original speech by JFK was held in Houston, TX at the Rice Stadium September 12, 1962.

"Many years ago the great British explorer George Mallory, who was to die on Mount Everest, was asked why did he want to climb it. He said, 'Because it is there.' Well, space is there, and we're going to climb it, and the moon and the planets are there, and new hopes for knowledge and peace are there. And, therefore, as we set sail we ask God's blessing on the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked." - John F. Kennedy

The John Kennedy Assassin Unmasked - Film by William Cooper

William Cooper, former United States Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member, reveals information that remains hidden from the public eye. This information has been kept in Top Secret government files since the 1940s. His audiences hear the truth unfold as he writes about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the war on drugs, the Secret Government, and UFOs.

JFK Conspiracy - The Zapruder Film Analysis

An Analysis of the John F. Kennedy Assassination, hosted by James Earl Jones and featuring Oliver Stone.

A Word From John F. Kennedy On Secrecy

This is an excerpt from his speech "President and the Press."

JFK II - The Bush Connection - Full Documentary


JFK2 - The sequel to Oliver Stone's JFK, you won't see in the cinema. A thoroughly documented criminal indictment establishing beyond a reasonable doubt the guilt of George HW Bush as a supervisor in the conspiracy to assassinate John Kennedy. The evidence relies primarily on governement documents and public records. The center piece of the evidence is a memo entitled "Assassination of President John F. Kennedy", signed by J Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI, 5 days after the assassination, which names Bush as a supervisor of CIA-trained assassins. Another FBI memo establishes Bush's presence in the Dallas area at the time of the assassination. These memos are corroborated extensively with details from Bush's own official history of his life

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Training On The Cirque du Soleil Trampoline Wall

Oli Lemieux training on the trampoline wall for the Cirque du Soleil show "Dralion"

Friday, November 20, 2009

Kitten Climbs On Texas Police Officer While He Writes Speeding Ticket

Watch as a patient police officer in Texas puts up with a friendly black cat clinging to him during a recent traffic stop. The ways of the affectionate feline were captured by the patrol car's dashcam. (Nov. 17)


Lost Cache Of Tibetan Manuscripts Discovered In Remote Himalayan Cave

"August 2009 - A treasure trove of Tibetan art and manuscripts uncovered in “sky high” Himalayan caves could be linked to the storybook paradise of Shangri-La, says the team that made the discovery.

The 15th-century religious texts and wall paintings were found in caves carved into sheer cliffs in the ancient kingdom of Mustang—today part of Nepal."


The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone - Paranormal TV

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Video Infographic Showing 200 Years Of Colonialism In 3.5 minutes

Visualizing the decline of Empiric influence on the world stage. The data refers to the evolution of the top 4 maritime empires (British, French, Spanish and Portuguese)of the XIX and XX centuries by extent. The visual emphasis is on their decline.

FUTURETALK - Alfred Webre, Bob Dean, Henry Deacon - Project Camelot

On 26 July 2009, the last day of the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit, Project Camelot recorded an hour-long Futuretalk with Alfred Webre, Bob Dean, and Henry Deacon (Arthur Neumann).


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga - Occult Symbolism

"Lady Gaga’s videos and performance are extremely symbolic and filled with hidden messages. Her latest video, named “Bad Romance”, describes the dark and ritualistic inner-workings of the entertainment industry, by symbolically depicting Gaga as a sex slave. "
- V!g!lant C!tlzen .com

Drop Of Water In Time-Lapse Slow Motion

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pink Elephants On Parade - Performed By Sun Ra

An version of Baby Elephants on Parade from Disney's "Dumbo" synched to an alternate audio track performed by Sun Ra and his Arkestra.

The Vatican Is Highly Interested In Extraterrestrial Life

The Holy See has recently held a 5-day summit at the Vatican on the reality of life outside of the planet Earth.

Physics Experiment - The Ruben's Tube

A physics experiment demonstrating sound-wave visualization through flames.

...and now for an important message on the environment.

Severn Suzuki addresses the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Earth Summit 1992). We are all in this together and we must accept responsibility.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Man as Industrial Palace - Der Mensch als Industriepalast

Der Mensch als Industriepalast [Man as Industrial Palace] from Henning Lederer on Vimeo.

A preview clip of my animated and interactive application based on the poster by Fritz Kahn: Der Mensch als Industriepalast [Man as Industrial Palace] from 1926.

For more information about the project go to:

Concept & Animation: Henning M. Lederer
Sound-Design: David Indge

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quantum Tunneling Explained

David Colarusso explains quantum tunneling.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Uniqueness of Humans - Robert Sapolsky

Robert Sapolsky, world renowned professor of neurology, neurological sciences, neurosurgery and biological sciences gave the class day lecture in association with commencement weekend 2009. Having been selected to talk by the Stanford University graduating class, Sapolsky spoke about the uniqueness of humans in relation to the rest of the animal world. A few of the topics he spoke on include aggression, theory of mind, the golden rule and pleasure.

Mass Flock Of Starlings Dance On Danish Plain

Marine Animals Ingest Large Amounts Of Waste Plastic

Marine debris affect Laysan Albatross chicks in the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. We found 306 pieces of debris, mostly plastics ranging from bottle caps to lighters to fishing gear, inside the stomach of this Laysan Albatross chick just a few months old.

More than a thousand miles from the nearest urban area, Kure has a large lagoon full of sea turtles, sea mammals and fishes- and hundreds of thousands of seabirds. They come to this predator-free atoll to mate and raise their young. But marine debris are taking a heavy toll on these seabirds.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Changing Face of Time - Dannion Brinkley

After experiencing three near death experiences, (NDE), Dannion Brinkley tells us what to expect in the years leading to 2012.

The year 2012 is fast approaching. In fact, time itself is accelerating. After three near death experiences, and three visits to the Other Side, Dannion Brinkley understands the near death phenomenon. Through being dead, he gained tremendous wisdom for living a life of value.

Now, with quantum physics, new frontier science and an understanding of reality as energy, our knowledge of the world of time and space have been greatly altered. The next six years are destined to be chocked full of amazing shifts and changes.

The Maya Of Eternal Time: 2012 & Beyond

Drunvalo Melchizedek, upon approval from the Mayan council of elders, has come forward to reveal an important message about the Mayan calendar and 2012. Melchizadek received approval for delivering this message from Mayan elder Don Alejandro Cirilo, concerning mayan prohecies, 2012 and what is perceived to happen in the upcoming years.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Black Eyed Peas - "I Gotta Feeling" - Official Video

Here we come
Here we go
We gotta rock
Easy come
Easy go
Now we on top
Feel the shot
Body rock
Rock it don't stop
Round and round
Up and down
Around the clock

JAY-Z - "Empire State Of Mind" featuring Alicia Keys

JAY-Z - "Run This Town" featuring Rihanna and Kanye West

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Werewolf Of Washington (1973) - Full Length - Comedic Horror Film

From Elvira's Movie Macabre Series

This biting political satire of Richard Nixon's presidential administration tells the story of a reporter who is bitten by a werewolf in Hungary and then becomes the press assistant to the president of the United States of America.

H.P. Lovecraft's: Necronomicon (1994) -- Full Length Film

The Necronomicon is a fictional book found in H. P. Lovecraft's horror stories. This 1994 film is based on three short stories; "The Drowned" is based on "The Rats in the Walls", "The Cold" is based on "Cool Air" and "Whispers" is based on "The Whisperer in Darkness".

They Live (1988) - Full Length Sci-Fi Classic Film

Directed by John Carpenter. Part science fiction thriller and part dark comedy, the film echoed contemporary fears of a declining economy, within a culture of greed and conspicuous consumption common among Americans in the 1980s. In They Live, the ruling class within the monied elite are in fact aliens managing human social affairs through the use of a signal on top of the tv broadcast that is concealing their appearance and subliminal messages in Mass media.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Night of the Living Dead (1968) - Full Length - Classic Horror Film

directed by George A. Romero. In this classically creepy zombie horror film, Ben and Barbara visit a cemetery and get accosted by reanimated, recently deceased bodies. They hold up in a spooky Pennsylvania farmhouse and battle constant attacks from dead locals who have been brought back to life by mysterious radiation.

Nosferatu (1922) - Full Length Classic Film Adaption Of Dracula

Nosferatu (1922) Originally released in 1922 as Nosferatu, Eine Symphonie Des Grauens, director F.W. Munarau's chilling and eerie adaption of Stoker's Dracula is a silent masterpiece of terror which to this day is the most striking and frightening portrayal of the Count Dracula / vampire legend. This classic horror film, which was almost destroyed by Bram Stoker's widow because of copyright infringement, has outlasted many others of the silent era.

Frankenstein's Castle Of Freak (1974) - Full Length

from Elvira's Movie Macabre Series

Count Frankenstein has been conducting experiments in an attempt to bring the dead back to life. When a caveman is discovered near the village and beaten to death by a mob of locals, Frankenstein acquires the caveman's body and brings it back to his lab where his life's work finally comes to fruition. The caveman lives again. I could write more here, but this movie is just too involved and way beyond twisted. Just keep reading and you'll find out everything you ever wanted to know about Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks.

The Dogon Tribe Connections To The Sirius Star System

this documentary outlines the "Legend of the Sirius Star System" as told by the Dogon Tribe of Northwestern Africa. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky with a visual apparent magnitude of −1.46, almost twice as bright as Canopus, the next brightest star. Another name for the Sirius star is the Dog star. So Dogon = Dog On = Sirius Light

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (ABC-TV 1976)

This Paul Lynde Variety show was broadcast just once in 1976 on ABC. Guests include Margaret Hamilton (Wicked Witch in Wizard Of Oz), Pinky Tuscadero from Happy Days, KISS!, Billy Barty, some of the Kroft Puppets, Betty White, Tim Conway,and many more of your TV favs from the 70's... Happy Halloween

Stargate (1994) - Kurt Russell - James Spader

Egyptologist Daniel Jackson is brought to an underground military base where he decodes the symbols on Egyptian cover stones as star constellations. That allows a alien device known as the Stargate to be opened and a team led by Air Force Colonel Jack' O' Neil and Jackson to travel across the known universe to a distant planet. Arriving on the planet, they find a culture ruled by someone pretending to be the Egyptian sun god Ra. Soon, Ra captures the team and takes control of a nuclear weapon brought to the planet in case of the discovery of hostile aliens. Jackson and O'Neil escape and must fight Ra and his army of warriors to save Earth from being destroyed by Ra.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Larry Goes To The Market - Drunkest Guy Ever? - Surveillance Video

surveillance video of a drunk guy in a convenience store set to ole-time silent film piano music. a real chuckler...

What The Bleep Do We Know!? Down The Rabbit Hole.

What the Bleep Do We Know!? is a 2004 film which combines documentary-style interviews, computer-animated graphics, and a narrative that posits a spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness. The plot follows the story of a deaf female photographer; as she encounters emotional and existential obstacles in her life, she comes to consider the idea that individual and group consciousness can influence the material world. Her experiences are offered by the filmmakers as an illustration of the movie's thesis about quantum physics and consciousness. The 2004 cinematic release of the film was followed by a substantially changed, extended DVD version in 2006.

Bleep was conceived and its production funded by William Arntz, who co-directed the film along with Betsy Chasse and Mark Vicente: all of these individuals are students of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. A moderately low-budget independent production, it was promoted using viral marketing methods and opened in art-house theaters in the western United States, winning several independent film awards before being picked up by a major distributor and eventually grossing over $10 million.

The film has been criticized for misrepresenting science and containing pseudoscience, and has been described as quantum mysticism.

The Quantum Activist : Dr. Amit Goswami - Movie Trailer

The Quantum Activist tells the story of a man who challenges us to rethink our very notions of existence and reality, with a force and scope not felt since Einstein.

This film bridges the gap between God and Science. The work of Goswami, with stunning precision and without straying from the rigors of quantum mechanics, reveals the overarching unity inherent in the worlds major religions and mystical traditions.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Original Pitch Film for PBS-TV's "Sesame Street"

This is the pitch film made to sell the show Sesame Street over 40 years ago (1969).

Kermit and Rowlf owned by Muppets Holding Company. All other material owned by PBS/CTW/Sesame Workshop.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"We Are All Connected" - Autotuned Astrophysicists

[deGrasse Tyson]
We are all connected;
To each other, biologically
To the earth, chemically
To the rest of the universe atomically

I think nature's imagination
Is so much greater than man's
She's never going to let us relax

We live in an in-between universe
Where things change all right
But according to patterns, rules,
Or as we call them, laws of nature

The Mayan Calendar and The Monetary System - Carl Calleman

Carl Johan Calleman examines the planetary awakening and transformation of mankind into enlightenment. In contrast with others that view 2012 as the end of the world, Calleman sees 2012 as the fulfillment of the grand Cosmic Plan. The evolution of consciousness from the Big Bang 16 billion years ago, towards a process of enlightenment and the emergence of a harmonic Earth.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Uprising - MUSE from their new album THE RESISITANCE

Lyrics to "Uprising" by MUSE

Paranoia is in bloom,
The PR transmissions will resume,
They'll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down,
And hope that we will never see the truth around
(So come on)
Another promise, another scene,
Another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed,
And all the green belts wrapped around our minds,
And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
(So come on)

They will not force us,
They will stop degrading us,
They will not control us,
We will be victorious
(So come on)

Interchanging mind control,
Come let the revolution take it's toll,
If you could flick a switch and open your third eye,
You'd see that
We should never be afraid to die
(So come on)

Rise up and take the power back,
It's time the fat cats had a heart attack,
You know that their time's coming to an end,
We have to unify and watch our flag ascend

They will not force us,
They will stop degrading us,
They will not control us,
We will be victorious

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Global Brain - We Are All One

An amazing film by Peter Russell illustrating the evolution of global consciousness. It suggests that we stand on the threshold of a major leap in evolution, as significant as the emergence of life itself, and the essence of this leap is inner spiritual evolution. Moreover, Peter Russell maintains that it is only through such a shift in consciousness that we will be able to manage successfully the global crisis now facing us.

The Ether - A Documentary on the Spirit World from EnigmaTV

This documentary from EnigmaTV explains what the so-called "Ether" or spirit world is and how mankind has lost their connection with Natural Resonance resulting from control by those in power over the last few hundred years.

Time Travel, Teleportation, and Project Pegasus - Interview with Andrew Basiago

US attorney Andrew Basiago, relates his experiences in DARPAs Project Pegasus during the period 1969 to 1972, and describes probes to past and future events that he took via teleportation and chronovision during the early days of time-space exploration by the US government.

He confirms that the United States has been teleporting individuals to Mars for decades, and recounts the awe-inspiring and terrifying trips that he took to Mars in 1981 after he was tapped to go there because he had teleported as a child participant in Project Pegasus.

History of NASA, JPL and the Occult -- presented by Richard Hoagland

This presentation by Richard Hoagland outlines the history of the Jet Propolsion Laboratory and NASA as influenced by the Occult practices or Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley, and The Golden Dawn.

2012: The Return To Camelot by David Wilcock

Humanity is undergoing a massive evolutionary shift, triggered by galactic energy forces. This is not channeling, Mayan prophecy or religious superstition. It is a scientific fact.

Friday, October 9, 2009

National Security and UFOs - 1941 to 1973 - Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan is the author of UFOs and the National Security State, a recent work central to understanding the government management of the extraterrestrial phenomena issue during the second half of the 20th Century. He will provide a historical foundation for UFOs and government secrecy. Drawing on official documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act, he will detail the extreme levels of interest given to UFOs by the U.S. military and intelligence community, despite public statements to the contrary. One reason he offers is that unknown and extraordinary objects have repeatedly violated sensitive U.S. airspace. Frequently, these objects exhibited capabilities far beyond those of military aircraft even today.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

William Henry - Lost Symbols Of the People's Temple - Coast to Coast AM interview

Investigative mythologist and author William Henry talked about the significance of the art and symbols in the U.S. Capitol. The Capitol was thought of as a recreation of Solomon's Temple by its builders, Freemasons, who conceived of the building as a "beehive" buzzing with energy, he said. Higher wisdom flows through the Capitol's spiritual imagery, particularly in the painting, The Apotheosis of Washington (see images below), which is featured in the dome of the Rotunda, he shared, adding that the dome of the Capitol is a mirror image of the one in the Vatican. The painting depicts the first President as a deified being along with five pagan gods who are symbols for alchemy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sun Symbolism and President Barack Obama

Here is a video and pictorial odyssey into the Sun symbolism highlighting the ritualism associated with President Barack Obama; popular culture advertisement; masonic overtures from entertainers like Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West; the Fellowship of the Sun from the HBO series True Blood; the Vatican Church State; the movie Lord of the Rings; crop circles; the rising Phoenix; and the Winged Disk.

Ultimately illustrating the link between these modern symbols and the resonance with ancient mythology and archetypes such as with Shamash the Babylonian God, King Pharaoh Ahkenaton, Horus, Osiris, Isis, Mithra and countless others.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The 2012 Enigma -- David Wilcock

2012: Tragedy, transcension or just another year? David Wilcock exposes many great secrets: DNA, consciousness science, wormholes, stargate travel, sacred geometry, three-dimensional time, the Mayan Calendar and much more...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pink Floyd - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun - Live At Pompeii

Little by little the night turns around.
Counting the leaves which tremble and turn.
Lotus's lean on each other in union.
Over the hills where a swallow is resting.

Set the controls for the heart of the sun.

Over the mountain watching the watcher.
Breaking the darkness, waking the grapevine.
Morning to birth is born into shadow
Love is the shadow that ripens the wine.

Set the controls for the heart of the sun.
The heart of the sun, the heart of the sun.

Who is the man who arrives at the wall?
Making the shape of his questions at asking.
Thinking the sun will fall in the evening.
Will he remember the lesson of giving?

Set the controls for the heart of the sun.
The heart of the sun, the heart of the sun.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bob Dean's presentation to the European Exopolitics Summit, Barcelona, 25 July 2009

Bob Dean speaks at the European Exopolitics Summit, Barcelona, Spain - July 25, 2009.
In this presentation, Bob Dean shows a number of previously suppressed NASA images which have impressed many. Bob concluded his delivery by stating that there are bases on Mars... and then Henry Deacon went up to the stage to state publicly, for the first time, that he has actually been on Mars.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Total Solar Eclipse Live Video - July 22, 2009

Ancient superstition and modern commerce came together in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which could end up being the most watched eclipse in history, due to its path over Earth's most densely inhabited areas

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Powers Of Ten (1977) - A Film by Charles And Ray Eames

Powers of Ten is a 1977 short documentary film written and directed by Charles Eames and his wife, Ray. The film depicts the relative scale of the Universe in factors of ten.

The film begins with an aerial image of a man reclining on a blanket; the view is that of one metre across. The viewpoint, accompanied by expository voiceover by Philip Morrison, then slowly zooms out to a view ten metres across ( or 101 m in standard form), revealing that the man is picnicking in a park with a female companion. The zoom-out continues, to a view of 100 metres (10² m), then 1 kilometre (10³ m), and so on, increasing the perspective—the picnic is revealed to be taking place near Soldier Field on Chicago's lakefront—and continuing to zoom out to a field of view of 1024 metres, or the size of the observable universe. The camera then zooms back in to the picnic, and then to views of negative powers of ten—10-1 m (10 centimetres), and so forth, until we are viewing a carbon nucleus inside the man's hand at a range of 10-18 metre.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't Forget - It's Just A Ride.

Choose Love Over Fear

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The New Swirled Order - Full Documentary On Crop Circles (2009)

Where does this mysterious crop circle phenomena come from? Why do people have extraordinary experiences inside the circles? Flying balls of light have frequently been seen in and around crop circles. Is this an alien intelligence trying to communicate with us? The sacred geometry which is found in crop circles includes mathematics which can be also found in nature.

This new documentary "New Swirled Order" deals with these questions and presents some very extraordinary Crop Circle formations from 2008, like the "Pi"-formation in Barbury Castle or the Crop Circle near Avebury Manor, which showed our solar system with the planetary constellation of December 21 of 2012.

To see the latest Crop Circles in the UK click the link below...

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