Monday, July 30, 2007

The All Seeing Eye Of God in Corporate Logos And Symbols

The All Seeing Eye Symbol: Is suppose to represent the All Seeing Eye of God.
The Illuminati a secret society formed in 1776 the same year the America signed the Declaration of Independence. They used this symbol to represent the All Seeing Eye of Lucifer(Satan). In Egypt they used it to represent the all Seeing Eye of Horus.

Freemasons helped build Solomon's Temple and have stole a lot of the sacred symbols from it. One of the Illuminati's goals was to infiltrate the Freemasons. I think that the Freemasons started out good and that their still are a lot of good members. But as time has gone by I do think that they have been infiltrated by the Illuminati and has a lot of members of the Illuminati.

The Upside-Down Star: Is actually suppose to represent Jesus Christ and is Called the Morning Star. In the Bible it says Lucifer(Satan) is the fake or counterfeit Morning Star and that Christ is the real Morning star.

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