Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unprotected And Vulnerable - Grand Isle, Louisiana - Day 48

Chris Hernandez, a dedicated city employee for 30 years takes us on a tour of the 7 mile beach, which normally would be a very popular spot in the summer heat. But on this day, 48 Days into this ever growing environmental disaster, the beaches are empty. About 30 feet in from the surf a long continuous orange boom has been installed, a "Tiger Dam," which runs pretty much down the entire 7 miles of beach. Although its intent is to keep oil from encroaching further up the beach, it appears as if it isn't being monitored; oil has washed over it during high tide about 12 hours before our visit - now the entire beach and many areas outside the Tiger Dam are covered in several inches of a mixture of crude oil and the highly toxic dispersant Corexit. This cocktail pretty much kills anything it touches.

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