Friday, December 26, 2008

The Gates Of Hell - Cavern in Uzbekistan burns natural gas for 35 years

There is a place located in the Republic of Uzbekistan, which is a country located in Central Asia (near Afghanistan or of the Sea Aral), for which is a little lost east place limits the north with Kazajistán, to the south with Afghanistan.

The Door to hell, which would be a loose translation, began 35 years ago when a group of geologists were looking for natural gas, suddenly during the exploratory drilling they hit an underground cavern. The resulting expanse was so great that nobody dared to go downwards because had to be full of gas, because they decided to ignite it so that no poison gas could leave outside the hole, and since then never to unemployed.

You imagine 35 years burning gases without pause and to make matters worse nobody knows that amount of tons of gas has been burned from the moment that began.

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