Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Two-Headed Lamb Born In Palistinian Refugee Camp

The animal, dubbed 'Holy' by its owner, was born on a refugee camp on the West Bank.

Palestinian sheep farmers believe that the animal realises a myth held in that part of the Middle East and say that its birth is "God's will".

Its owner Mohammed Moussab said: "This year the sheep gave birth to twins. The first one was a normal lamb and with the second lamb the legs came out first. Then suddenly we saw two heads. That is God's will."

The two-headed lamb is unable to stand on its own two feet and has trouble feeding in a natural way. Because of this, it is being rejected by its mother who is finding it difficult to bond with the lamb.

Mr Moussab said: "She's treating the twins differently. The mother takes care of the first normal one more than it does for the other because it has two heads. The mother doesn't come towards the two-headed sheep but sometimes it will get closer to it."

However, vets have said that the animal will survive if it is cared for properly by its human owner.

Mr Moussab said that he would not slaughter the lamb, saying he would treat it as God's own creature.

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