Saturday, August 9, 2008

08/08/08 Mega-Ritual Celebrating The Activation Of The Eighth-dimensional Gateway

Note the spheroid shape emerging from the pool of water (water door) passing through and being supported by a cuboid shape. This cuboid shape and water door concept is syncromysticly tied to the opening of the stargate or some sort of transition to a higher level. Also worth noting is the oval shape of pool which mirrors the feminine/mother energy, combined with the "mother-bird feeding her young" image of the "bird's nest" stadium which is housing the event itself. Overall, I would say this 08/08/08 Beijing Opening Ceremony was a mega-ritual designed to symbolically and synchromystically welcome the arrival of this eight-dimensional activation by way of the opening of a stargate. Need another example? check the octagonal shapes of the screens with the faces of children. It may sound crazy, but watch the video for yourself.

See Jake Kotze's "The Blob" for more information.

Here is another video about the activation of this "gateway."

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